Hybrid vs Native App Development - When To Go Hybrid

"There's an app for that" It's a joke but a fact that sounds true most of the time.

On Tue, 28/06/2016
Drupal 8 Theming Essential Guide
Drupal 8 will soon become the new norm. Enter the “Drupal 8" query in Google Trends, and you will see how D8 has risen with time. Compared to the previous version, Drupal 8 has made big improvements. There are so many changes in front-end, the theming system in this version. This means some challenges, and awesome new world to try for Drupal themers. Yet, have you got familiar with it? And the fact is there are not many tutorials about Drupal 8 front-end. Struck is what we sometimes feel. So in this guide, I'll cover basic Drupal 8 theming
On Mon, 30/05/2016
[Lunar New Year Offer] Get 30 OFF Your Developer Membership

This year is amazing. Next year we're going to do it again ....

On Sat, 06/02/2016
Don't Know How to Learn Drupal? Start With This Tutorial

As a new user, you might have been in a place where you are struck with the common fear that how you should start with Drupal and that what resources you should find.

It’s easy to be overflowed among a sea of information if there’re no guidance. Of course you don’t need a perfect road map to start. But knowing the direction helps you make a more rapid acceleration on the learning path.

On Wed, 29/04/2015
Starting Your Website - 3 Ways to Get It Done

Are you looking for a way to build a quick stable website? You can do that. Build a website doesn’t take much time as you expect. Of course, I don't say that you can build every type of website in some days. It's what methods you're using. Determine what resources you have, what you can and cannot do will get half the job done. Let’s inspect some elements before deciding with your website development.

On Fri, 06/03/2015
Website Launch Checklist

Finally, after thousands of hours working hard to develop your website, it's time to launch. But before going live, has your website finished preliminary steps?

"Don't make me think” is the first caution and also the title of a book by Steve Krug to emphasize the importance of not puzzling out the visitors. The point of your live website is to not make your visitors stop and think what and how they should do. And don't waste their time. Another seconds waiting increases your chances of losing your customers.

On Wed, 21/01/2015
8 New Drupal 8 Features That Make You Want to Use Drupal

Nearly 4 year ago, Drupal 7 official version was released, and it is a huge upgrade from Drupal 6. But it’s the cycle end of a technology, we are awaiting something excitingly new – a technology that will turn our task of developing Drupal websites become more efficient than ever. That’s a newer version of Drupal – Drupal 8.

At the time of my post, Drupal 8 beta 3 has been published. It’ll not long before we see the official release of Drupal 8.

Should you try Drupal 8, is there anything special, or innovating in this version?

We’ll help you answer this question

On Fri, 28/11/2014
Top 21 Drupal SEO Modules To Optimize Your Website

Drupal is considered one of top SEO friendly CMS. Besides the advantage of Drupal core & architect, we attribute this to Drupal’s various choices of useful SEO modules. Keep these modules in mind when you need a boost for your websites in search engines.

On Fri, 07/11/2014
What is Drupal and Why Drupal is the Right Choice?

In its fundamentality, Drupal is an open source content management system. Some people would raise a question about what “open source”, and “content management system” are. We’ll make an elaboration.

On Wed, 22/10/2014
Why you should Use Drupal with Drupal Commerce or Ubercart as an integrated platform for your ecommerce site

How many times you as a new webmaster, or even an experienced developer, are in two minds about what open source content management system (CMS) would be the ideal option for your ecommerce store? Here's our answer.

On Thu, 09/10/2014