Who is WeebPal?

WeebPal is a Drupal development company, founded in 2012, officially started business on April 1, 2014. Over the years, we have built over 100 Drupal DONE projects for customers and the community.

+10Years experience
+30Happy clients
+100Projects done
+60Free drupal themes

Our vision

WeebPal aims to build a young but strong technical company to do many practical projects for clients and help them develop their businesses. Besides, we also contribute constructive products to the software/technical community.
In the first steps, we start with development on the Drupal platform.

Our mission
Our goal for the period 2022 - 2025 is to become one of the reputable Drupal development companies, which make practical contributions to the Drupal global community.

With all the capacities and responsibilities, WeebPal is committed to 3 fundamental values: DONE, ON TIME, and GUARANTEED.

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WeebPal History


  • Corona year
  • Completely moved to use Drupal 9 for projects
  • The solution problem for the projects has been handled much better
  • Result of WeebPal + SIBU: component
  • New field: ServiceNow
  • Set up a sales department
  • Built detailed management frameworks for business development, human resource, and project


  • Corona Year
  • Strong believe that Drupal is very stable and strong as Platform and Community. In next 5 to 10 years, millions of websites/applications will be built on Drupal
  • Grow team again to move forward with Drupal.


  • Drupal 8 is STABLE and WONDERFUL
  • WeebPal is Drupal Development Company.
  • Started building a site Builder for Drupal SIBU.AI


  • Drupal 8 had a big problem that it still is not a stable platform and community. Finding Drupal projects that year became not easy. We tried to do projects with other platforms: Symfony, Magento, Wordpress. Success in technical but not good in finance.


  • Changed name to WeebPal Technology Corporation from Mar 09th
  • Focused on Drupal Development with both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8


  • Realized that Theme market is not a good market any more
  • Focus only on Drupal Development
  • Started some products in Drupal 8 for PR only


  • WeebPal Company was officially opened on April 1st
  • Focus on Drupal Themes and Drupal Development


  • The WeebPal Team was established on Jan 11th
  • Focused on Drupal Themes & Development


(The founder) Started working as a Drupal Developer


(The founder) Started working as a PHP Developer in some out sourcing companies


(The founder) Started learning programming.


Join us, start your journey to career growth.

  • At WeebPal, we always welcome:
  • Students who have a passion for web development are still studying;
  • Final year student looking for a high-quality practical internship;
  • Graduated students who are seeking a company implementing international projects, with a young, dynamic, and creative working environment.