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1. Overview

  • Drupal is a wonderful platform to build from small websites to big and complex web applications. Views, blocks, regions, entities, and nodes are great concepts to help developers do anything they need.
  • Yet, there are no easy approaches for the normal users to build a flexible layout on their website.
  • This module is built to solve that weakness of Drupal.

2. General Information

  • Compatible with Drupal 8, 9, and so on
  • Allow to add any component to the content/entity page
  • Allow to customize detail content by the components
  • Portable component as the plugin to move, reuse anywhere
  • Provide custom properties to support more styles
  • Entity based, Plugin based, familiar for the Drupal developer
  • Easy to hook, to preprocess, to customize the template and display

3. Video introduction

4. Quick guide: how to use this module

  • Install module by command line bellow (or in package area):
    • $ composer require 'drupal/inline_entity_form:^[email protected]'
    • $ composer require 'drupal/entity:^1.3'
    • $ composer require 'drupal/component_builder'
  • Enable module in Extends section and visit [your domain]/admin/structure/drupal-component/settings to activate some component types we want to use
  • To use this function, you just need to add an entity reference field refer to Component Wrapper in Article content type (or any content type, entity). Note: using Inline entity form - Complex widget in manage form display, and using format Rendered entity format in Manage display
  • That's all and now you can add content to see how it works

5. Detail guide: how to use this module for the new Drupallers

  • Coming soon

6. Detail guide: how to create new Component Type for the Drupal Developers

  • Coming soon