What's in Technical questions?

Questions and answers about technical things, for instance, why WeebPal uses Drupal and other technical-related stuff...

There're many reasons, we cannot explain in just some words, however, let me try to give you some information:

- Drupal is a very wonderful platform, after developed many versions, it is in a very good state to do everything quickly and stably.

- Drupal is normally called CMS, that's correct when we use it to build a small website, but that's not enough, the most advantage of Drupal is a very strong architecture, we can design anything from the data structure to customize behavior without any limitation like the normal CMS. Basically, WeebPal can use Drupal in both CMS and Framework levels, so WeebPal can use Drupal with all advantages of both CMSes like WordPress, Joomla, and Frameworks like Symfony, Laravel.

- After 10 years using Drupal to build many websites/web applications from the marketplace with Drupal Commerce, Gov site with Gov CMS, LMS with customization modules and functions, App API with Drupal entity and views, Drupal with MongoDB to handle the billions of content records ...we solve about 100 websites/web applications from small to quite big, from a few hundreds of content to billions of records of contents.We realize that with Drupal, and only focus on using Drupal, we can understand and use Drupal better and better, improve its advantages, reduce its disadvantages.

Definitely yes!

Nonprofits and non-governmental organizations require a platform that will simplify the donation process, create a secure site, share the mission through blogs, and establish online communication between site visitors and organizers. Here are some points to make it clear:

  • First, no matter the size of the organization, big or small, medium or on growth, Drupal is scalable and has no restrictions.
  • Second, Drupal is the safest CMS, which has more than 500 security modules to choose from.
  • Third, Drupal provides the best content management experience. It is simple, fast, and trusted.
  • Fourth, Drupal allows easy integration with third-party APIs.
  • Fifth, Drupal has a strong support community.
  • Sixth Drupal has useful nonprofit distributions.
  • Last but not least, Drupal is free.

In short, Drupal is the best choice for your plan and your website.

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