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You can create a mobile app on your Drupal website basis or 
Use Drupal as a strong backend platform for your mobile app.

<< Why use Drupal to make applications? >>

To make this question clear, we will go through these points of Drupal for mobile applications.

1. Flexible and Simple to use

Integration is made streamlined in Drupal's core RESTful Web Services module. This makes it simple for other apps to read and update information on your website through the Web. REST supports GET/POST/PATCH/DELETE features and integrates authentication system automatically which is easy to apply to modules and resources.

2. Content Capabilities

Drupal permits users to manage useful data and isolate it from the rest. It is a perfect CMS for news and consultants, as it is completely adaptable to your requirements, as allows customization of the behavior of a block by building modules.

3. Drupal has main supportive SKD’s and Libraries for mobile app development such as:

Waterwheel makes using Drupal as a backend with iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS enjoyable by combining the most used features of Drupal's API in one SDK. - Formerly known as Drupal iOS SDK.

Drupal8 iOS SDK is a library for native iOS applications to communicate with Drupal web servers

DrupalCloud is a library for native Android applications to communicate with Drupal web services.

DrupalGap is an open-source application development kit for Drupal websites. It can be used to easily build custom mobile apps, and web apps for Drupal websites.

4. Native and Web-based mobile apps 
Native mobile apps are available over the app stores. Native apps permit the engagement of specific features of mobile devices including cameras, contacts, etc.; 
Non-native mobile apps work in web browsers. Using dedicated toolkits, professionals may either integrate it with Drupal at the theme layer or build a standalone system communicating with it through web services.

In short, no matter what variety of mobile apps you choose, Drupal offers a solid platform for serving your data to a variety of user interfaces.

Here are 2 samples of Drupal apps WeebPal did:
Native App: Bible Bond 

biblebond app

  • Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1598488592
  • Drupal version: 8/9 

Web-based App: Pearl Plus

pearl plus

  • Link: https://pearlplus-drupal.demo-sites.me
  • Drupal version: 8/9

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Reference source: Why Choose Drupal CMS as Your Business Mobile App Development Platform?