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Megamenu on Drupal 8/9, contributed module on

Megamenu D8 is born to help D8 Drupal developers with the menu - the first visual part that any visitor will look at upon visiting your website. A great super mega menu will not only help save developers invaluable working time but at the same time gives your website an instant incredible impression on your website viewers.

WeMega's challenge
The Challenge
  • Inherit from TB Megamenu D7, in addition, the Drupal core between D8 and D7 is different
  • No versatile mega menu module in D8
  • The default menu of D8 doesn't give developers the ability to custom and bring in ideal results immediately
Our Solution
  • Create the only D8 mega menu that comes with lots of flexible functions
  • Inherit from TB Megamenu D7
  • Well integrated with all versions of Drupal 8
WeMega's solution

Above is the introduction of We Megamenu. Visit to get the module and click here to see the guidance.

WeMega's result