Step by Step Guide to Install Drupal 8 Theme

Step 1: Download Zircon package here

Step 2: Extract the download package to get these files:

  • Theme:
  • Demo Package:

Step 3: Extract Demo Package above and copy it into your host, and rename the directory to zircon

Step 4: Access to database and create a database with a name such as zircon-d8.

Step 5: In the demo directory database , you can find database dump named sample_data.sql

Import this file into new database.

Step 6: Open browser and navigate to your website :

1. Select language:

2. Select Profile:

2. Select database:

3. Click Visit your new site and you will have a new site.

4. Welcome to Drupal 8. Now enjoy your work built with Zircon theme from WeebPal:

5. Click Configuration --> Performance --> Clear caches ,then Save configuration

Now, you can visit administrator site with the admin account admin/admin to delete the unnecessary contents and add the new ones.