Ever LMS is an advanced Learning Management System designed to facilitate comprehensive educational experiences in the digital space. Built on the robust and flexible Drupal platform, Ever LMS offers a suite of tools tailored for educators, trainers, and learners. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionalities, managing the educational process has never been more efficient or effective.

    Beyond the Features

    Full Build on Your Server

    Data privacy and security are paramount. Ever LMS is fully built on your server, meaning sensitive student information, course materials, and user data remain exclusively within your control. No external parties have access, ensuring complete data integrity.

    Customizable & Scalable

    Built on Drupal CMS, one of the strongest platforms for LMS systems, Ever LMS is designed to be both customizable and scalable. It adapts to your organization's growing needs, ensuring that your investment is future-proof.

    Unlimited Updates

    We continuously enrich Ever LMS with new functions, and as a customer, you will have lifetime access to the latest updates. This commitment to improvement means that you can always offer the most up-to-date educational experience to your learners.

    3-Year Warranty Policy

    We stand by our product with a 3-year warranty policy. Post this period, although the system is expected to be stable and familiar, we remain committed to supporting you with any arising issues, ensuring uninterrupted service.

    Core Functionalities

    Course Management

    Organize and streamline your curriculum with Ever LMS's Course Management feature. Create, modify, and arrange courses with ease. Define learning paths, set prerequisites, and enable progress tracking to ensure a structured and effective learning journey for each student.

    Lesson Management

    Craft lessons that resonate and engage. With Ever LMS's Lesson Management, present information using various content types such as text, video, and interactive elements. Customize lesson plans to cater to different learning styles and monitor student progress in real time.

    Quiz Management

    Evaluate and reinforce learning through Ever LMS's robust Quiz Management system. Create quizzes with customizable question types, set timed assessments, and automate grading for immediate feedback. Insightful analytics allow you to measure learner comprehension and adjust your teaching approach accordingly.

    Certificate Management

    Reward achievements and certify skills with personalized certificates. Ever LMS's Certificate Management automates the generation of certificates upon course or quiz completion, providing tangible evidence of your learners' accomplishments.

    Notification Management

    Keep your learners informed and engaged. Send out announcements, course updates, and reminders with Ever LMS's Notification Management. Customizable notification triggers ensure that important information is communicated efficiently and reliably.

    User Management

    Ever LMS simplifies user enrollment, role assignments, and permissions. Its comprehensive User Management system allows for detailed control over the learner's experience, ensuring that both educators and students have access to the necessary resources and functionalities.

    Booking Course

    Facilitate seamless course enrollment with Ever LMS's Booking Course feature. Allow learners to browse course offerings and secure their spot within the platform. Real-time updates ensure availability is always accurate.

    Booking Membership

    Expand your educational offerings with membership options. With Ever LMS's Booking Membership feature, provide exclusive access to courses and content, fostering a community of dedicated learners.

    Stripe & PayPal Integration

    Ever LMS makes transactions smooth and secure with integrated payment solutions. Accept payments for courses, memberships, and more through trusted providers like Stripe and PayPal, offering convenience and confidence to your users.
    Data privacy and security are paramount. Ever LMS is fully built on your server, meaning sensitive student information, course materials, and user data remain exclusively within your control. No external parties have access, ensuring complete data integrity.
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    Our Customer Engagement Process

    At WeebPal, we've streamlined our delivery system to ensure that you experience a seamless transition from inquiry to full implementation. Here's how we bring Edumial, our state-of-the-art LMS, to you:

    Initial Inquiry

    You: Reach out with your interest in Edumial.

    WeebPal: Craft a tailored demo site for an interactive preview, allowing you to directly review and experience our LMS capabilities.

    Demonstration and Confirmation

    You: Explore the functions of the demo, ensuring it meets your expectations.

    WeebPal: Await your approval, upon which we kindly request an initial investment of 50% of the agreed payment to commence implementation.

    Deployment and Training

    WeebPal: Proceed to deploy the system onto your server. We're equipped to assist with server setup on any cloud service to accommodate your preferences.

    WeebPal: Conduct comprehensive staff training and provide ample tutorials, ensuring your team is well-equipped to utilize the system effectively.

    Adoption Period

    You: Engage with the system hands-on for a period of 3 months, gaining familiarity and optimizing its use within your educational ecosystem.

    Final Payment and Warranty Initiation

    You: After a period of satisfactory usage, complete the payment process with the remaining 50%.

    WeebPal: Initiate a 3-year warranty for the system, assuring you of our support and commitment to your long-term success.

    Ongoing Enhancement and Support

    WeebPal: Dedicate ourselves to the continuous enrichment of Edumial, introducing new features and updates.

    WeebPal: Commit to annual updates for at least three years, ensuring your LMS remains at the cutting edge.

    WeebPal: Offer tailored support on a case-by-case basis after the warranty period, because our relationship with you is for the long haul.

    Your Educational Journey, Our Technological Support

    With WeebPal, you're not just acquiring an LMS—you're gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing the educational journey through technological excellence.

    Pricing Offer Until 31/12/2024

    Ever LMS Packages

    Choose your ideal LMS solution with confidence, knowing that each package is designed to nurture educational excellence for years to come.

    Single LMS - Empower Individual Educators

    Price: $2,000

    Empowerment: Tailored training and support for one educator to harness the full potential of Ever LMS. Please note that educator substitution is not available.

    Premium Inclusions: Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty and stay ahead with 5 years of annual updates.

    Strategic Exclusions: This package does not cover costs associated with server deployment, third-party systems, or external services.

    Premium LMS - Elevate a Team of Educators

    Price: $5,000

    Empowerment: Comprehensive training and support for up to 10 educators, crafted for collaborative learning environments.

    Premium Inclusions: A solid 5-year warranty paired with 5 years of updates ensures your platform remains innovative.

    Strategic Exclusions: Server costs, third-party systems, and additional services are not included in this package.

    Enterprise LMS - The Institutional Powerhouse

    Price: $20,000

    Empowerment: Unlimited training and support for your entire teaching staff, unlocking boundless educational opportunities.

    Premium Inclusions: Benefit from an extended 5-year warranty and an assurance of 5 years of annual updates to propel your institution forward.

    Strategic Exclusions: The investment excludes server expenses, third-party systems, and other services.

    Embrace the future of education with Ever LMS, where each package promises a journey of continuous growth and advancement. Step into the next generation of learning management with a plan that scales with your vision.