Personal Blog Theme is the exclusive Drupal 8 theme served for all individuals wishing to create a personal site, a portfolio page. If you want to have a place to spread your words, and your ideas to the world, this would be your ideal option.

The theme looks simple, boldly style, and this is what we intend to create for a personal site. Who says, Drupal can not build a brilliant good looking blog, check out and see. Another distinguished point of the theme is that this is a contributing free theme in Drupal 8, compared to our premium version in Drupal 7.

Wed ,Jun 06,2018
Under active development
Drupal 8
Personal Blog for Drupal 8 Theme Personal Blog for Drupal 8 Theme Personal Blog for Drupal 8 Theme
Theme Features::

Drupal 8

Personal Blog makes uses of the latest version of Drupal 8 alpha 11.

Fully responsive

Theme is optimized to display well with impeccable layout adaptation on any mobile devices, tablets.

Customized Views Module

The homepage uses Views Modules with customization to bring out Slideshow, and Carousel Blocks.

Web Technology

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1, Font Awesome 4.0.3,… are used in the theme.