Forum Plus - Responsive Drupal Forum Theme

When first developed, Forum Plus is the first and only Drupal 9 theme for the forum website. We are not sure if there are any other ones now but we're sure you cannot miss this one.

Lots of time for designing and developing have been put on the theme. We take pride in the work and the results have been proved by lots of customers having purchased and used it. 

This time, we make it free.

The reason? It has been one of our most loved themes and we want to give more chances for people to use it.

Theme Features:

Color variations

The template is embedded with 4 skin colors to choose (blue, red, green, yellow), with layout boxes, and Right to Left Integration

High usability

With sufficient available features, and built-in modules for a business site, the theme is very easy to use.

Cost saving

The theme accelerates your website building, which reduces the time and of course the costly designing and coding.

Easy customization

You can comfortably configure the structure, the blocks, and the menus to fit your business choices in just a few minutes.

Browser compatibility

This theme supports all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox,IE 8+, Opera, Safari.

Documentation(coming) & support

Forum Plus comes with a detailed guide to which you can find the reference whenever you want to dig into or customize the theme.