Zircon Drupal 8 Demo

Finally, Zircon for Drupal 8 has been released. For those of you who don’t know about Zircon. It is the first published theme and the most popular theme by WeebPal in the Drupal community. We've received numerous amounts of positive feedback so far.

With the coming of Drupal 8, we wonder why not a version of Zircon for Drupal 8. And after quite a time, we now proudly announce that Zircon Drupal 8 has been published, constituting to the 3 various versions of Zircon themes: Zircon Drupal 7, Zicon II, and Zircon Drupal 8.

Alpha Released May 16th, 2014: Zircon Drupal 8 DEMO DETAILS

Within the range of the post, I will give you a quick preview of Zircon Drupal 8.

Let’s glance through the theme



As some of you have been accustomed to the past version, Zircon Drupal 8 still makes use of the 3 clear columns block layout. These structures are easily configurable, making this theme a multipurpose one. In this sense, whether it’s a business purpose to build a website to showcase their company, or an individual wish to build a channel for him or her, Zircon can serve them well.

And compared to the past version, Zircon Drupal 8 has a stretching layout with every blocks designed to fit well the corners. There’re more useful spaces taken advantage than the previous Zircon.

Customized Views Modules

On the Homepage, you’ll see two slider types. See the screenshot.





The two sliders are created by Views Modules. With a little customization, we’ve created a slideshow on the top, and a Carousel at the bottom. They are fairly smooth. Check out the the demo.

Web Technology

Besides making use of Drupal 8 core, Zircon theme employs the up to date version of Website Creating tools, to name a few Html5/Css3, Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1, Font Awesome 4.0.3.

Accordingly, Zircon 8 is fully responsive, which can be displayed well in every kind of devices. It is compatible with all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE 9+, Opera, Safari.

Zircon 8 comes with a quick set up guide. We hope our first theme in Drupal 8 will give you a good place and a fresh experience to start a new website in Drupal 8. We're eager to see your published site.