Top 21 Google Web Fonts To Bootstrap Your Web Projects

Have you ever stopped to notice that the world of web design has changed dramatically in comparison to that of a decade ago? Sites have become much more beautiful and further aimed at UX/UI. Constituting in the improvement of website design over the years, no one can deny that fonts play a prerequisite part. If tens of years ago, it is extremely difficult to find a handy nice yet free font, now with the era of open sources, things have become much easier. With over 600 fonts, Google Web Fonts have become the most popular open-source font resource for UX/UI, web designers, webmasters, and content marketers looking for typographies to improve site design. And since there is a huge selection of Google fonts, we have manually hand-picked some beautiful fonts. They are ones which have been validated by users and been used in millions of projects.

How to Use Google Fonts

Google Web Fonts (GWF) are open-source. So they are totally free; you are not limited to use in any way and do not have to create an account to download. GWF are also self-hosted. All you need to do to integrate to your projects is quick and simple as follows.

Download and Implementation

1. Head over to Google Fonts, and opt for a font you want to use. Once the fonts have been selected, click "Family Selected". 2. You will be navigated the "Family Selected" of each Font you have chosen. Inside the EMBED part, you are given a code line to insert into your <head>

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

3. The fonts are now eligible to use in your CSS:

body {
font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

Now let's move to our hand-picked recommended Fonts:

Open Sans





Source Sans Pro



PT Sans




Droid Serif

Noto Sans


Playfair Display

Titillium Web