When you have a project that needs to be developed, you make some meetings with the Salesman, the Developer, the Consultant, you can easily hear from them: your project is very simple, no problem, no worry, they can do your project very easily, quickly as the timeline you prefer, etc. Be careful, there're three cases: first case, they're really genius and experienced and your project is truly simply; second case, they don't understand enough and they are not experienced enough either; the last, they're trying to let you sign the contract to pay money first, your project spec is only the secondary priority on their mind at that time. Unfortunately, the first case is very rare.

I'm a Developer, a Technical Consultant, an Owner of a Development Company. I had experiences on solving the terrible/unbelievable problems from many real projects to make them succeed, experiences on solving the on going projects when the old development company/developer gave up and went away, I also had experiences on a few failed projects when I realized that it’s impossible to build. Those are the reasons I can write about this topic.

Question: How difficult to make a website/application project done?

Quick answer: It’s not difficult for the right ones, but almost impossible for the others. Let me discuss detail below:

First of all, let's review the important steps to make a website/application completed and gone live from a client idea, from his real business, from his new business idea, from a business he found and wants to copy, ...:

When some clients find a Development company/team/developer for a project, most of them think to only point 6, they think that they can only do point 6 and that’s enough for the project. Unfortunately, it’s totally wrong. To make a project done, we need to solve all 11 points above from 1 to 11 completely.

How to solve all those 11 points? There are two approaches: Process Oriented and Humans Oriented

When you want to make your project Succeeded, if you have much money and are willing to pay much money, you can think about a Process Oriented Approach with the Penalty Contract Terms for the case the development company can't make it done.

However if you are not having too much money to pay, please very carefully select a company or a developer to let him handle your project, most of them can tell you they can do everything you need until they go away with a chaotic result. If you choose a wrong company or developer, money is just the smallest thing you lost, your bigger loss would be the important time, the trust for your relationship, the patience, and sometimes it lets you lose your own confidence about the real right ones who can really help you.