FSU Module

As a Drupal developer, you may have worked on a website where you must change user/role frequently.

Drupal default login does allows you to do that, but it wastes time and is a bother when you have to log in/log out so many times.

That's why we create Force Switch User. You can switch to another user with just one click in real time without touching Drupal log in panel.

What's more is there are Master and Anonymous roles, which makes this module unique.
This is why we think the Force Switch User will not only benefit developers but will also be valuable for websites that allow users to switch to other roles immediately like Online Learning, E-commerce, etc.

Also, we write and optimize the code to force log in/log out user session, which doesn't cause any errors and bugs like we had from using the other module. The action and dashboard is made as easy and convenient as possible for use.

Learn more details below.

How it works

After being installed and enabled, there will be a small moving panel on your website, where you can enter the log-in credential immediately.

FSU panel closed

FSU panel closed

FSU panel open

FSU panel open

You can enter the user account that you have without using Drupal default login pages/places.

A recent user log within the panel exists so that you can click and switch to the user account instantly

There is a FSU Master tab where you can enter the master password and have the admin (highest role), which you can use to create FSU account, set the role, edit or change any anonymous FSU users.

There is another force switch user module, but it only allows 1 type of user (admin). We allow Master and Anonymous Roles.

Who is this module for?

  • Drupal Developers
  • Webmasters with lots of user roles
  • Online courses, E-commerce, or any sites that allow users to switch the user/role in real time.

Types of User Roles


This is the highest level of users who can set the rules and rights for anonymous users.

There is a master password, which you can use to log in immediately.

FSU Master

FSU Master


Once enabled, any anonymous user can enter the FSU account and log in. They can search and choose the existing users and switch to another use in no time.

Force Switch User Settings

To make it simple and convenient, there are only 4 setting tabs.
FSU config

FSU config

1. Config

FSU config

FSU config


If you want to get the Force switch user to work, this box must be ticked

Flush all caches when switching to new user

This will allow you to clear/flush all the previous caches before changing to the different users

Enable brute force protection

Once ticked, any anonymous users only have 5 times to try with the log-in.

Master password

The most important password for the highest-level user role (admin)


There are up to 8 colors for you to choose from the module dashboard


7 postions have been carefully chosen and styled so that you can select.

User roles

Here, you set the who will see and use the FSU module. User roles include anonymous user, authenticated user, administrator

2. Create FSU Account

FSU config

Create FSU Account

This tab helps you create as many FSU username account as you can with status as active or inactive, and grants them the certain user roles (authenticated user, administrator)

3. FSU accounts

FSU config

FSU Account

Within the FSU accounts tab, you can see all of the FSU accounts you created. You are able to edit and delete any account stored here.

4. Logs

FSU config

FSU logs

Inside this, you'll see the most recent status and date of the FSU usernames