12 Great Google Web Font Combinations For Your Inspirations

What makes your dish become more delicious than usual? By changing a little bit of the spices, you have treated yourself better. But that also means making a wrong mix will cause your dish turn into an unbearable nightmare. This is an analogy to imply that details matter. The same stays true for fonts as small details of an overall design. Create a wrong combination and you'll badly regret for what you have done. That's why you need to know how to make a mix. A good mix. If you have a website and want to improve your site's appearance, read on. We'll give you some examples of the great and popular combinations of fonts. Google Fonts are used in our post since they are open source, and are so commonly used in a variety of projects. Before moving into the detailed combinations, let's start with quick font pairing tips

Use a Serif and Sans-Serif

One of the easiest and fastest ways to mix up is to pick up a serif, and a sans-serif font, and put together. They tend to go and contrasting well each other.

Use font family

A font family is a set of related fonts that are grouped into a family. They have been designed to go well together, and mixing them up is one of safest choices.

Less is More

In most cases, 1 to 2 fonts are enough. The more, the harder to combine. Ideally, one for the header and one for the body are great.

Experiment with different font-weight, and sizes

Besides the sizes, some fonts will have various font-weights. Trying out with these will give a number of marvelous options.


There are no set rules for any font combinations. Many times, you can create the mix up yourself, and see what works well. Now let's go to the business

Font Combinations

Abril Fatface & Average

Alegreya, Roboto condensed & Roboto

Cabin Sketch & Source Sans Pro

Dancing Script & Josefin Slab

Fira Sans & Lato

Lato & Merriweather

Muli & Playfair Display

Open Sans Condensed & Verdana

Oswald & Old Standard

Open Sans Condensed & Verdana

Raleway & Goudy BookLetter 1911

Rancho & Gudea