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The stunning Magazine, as its name has shown, is designed for a news page, especially Sports, or any company and individual with an interest in creating an information channel for their purpose.

The theme has an elegant and strong design. It consists of all features of a sport site with live score, bets/odds, news, blog,... or you can easily configure to suit your liking.

Theme Features:

Fully responsive

This theme is optimized to display well with impeccable layout adaptation on any mobile devices, tablets.

Color variations

This is a softly-styled template embedded with 5 skin colors (blue, red, green purple, orange.

High usability

With sufficient available features, and built-in modules for a sport site, the theme is very easy to use.

Cost saving

Reduce the time and cost of designing and coding, this theme helps you start your online business immediately.

Easy customization

You can comfortably configure the structure, the blocks, and the menus to fit your business choices in just a few minutes.

Browser compatibility

This theme supports all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox,IE 8+, Opera, Safari.

Documentation & support

Magazine comes with a detailed guide to which you can find the reference whenever you want to dig into or customize the theme.