When first developed, Forum Plus is the first and only Drupal 8 theme for the forum website. We are not sure if there are any other ones now but we're sure you cannot miss this one.

Lots of time for designing and developing have been put on the theme. We take pride in the work and the results have been proved by lots of customers having purchased and used it. 

This time, we make it free.

The reason? It has been one of our most loved themes and we want to give more chances for people to use it.

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Released Date
Forum Plus D8
Forum Plus D8
Free download

The unique heavily invested Drupal 8 forum theme that comes at no cost.


Specially Made for Forums.

  •  Full functions of a modern forum.
  • a D8 ready forum site with just one installation.

Simple Professional Modern Visual Look.

  • Minimal up-to-date design. 
  • Pixel perfect UX/UI.
  • Right to Left Language integration.
  • Fully responsive out of the box.

Best-seller Premium Theme now made free

  • One of the best themes by WeebPal.
  • $55 value now totally free. 
  • Hope to give chances for more and more Drupal user to use and enjoy the theme.